The Old Globe

At The Old Globe, I’ve created a Performances Magazine program for each performance we’ve had. With three theatres on the Globe’s campus and touring events, I’ve created over 75 programs and one-sheet handouts for audiences. Below is just a handful of of the programs I’m proud to have worked on and designed for The Old Globe.

Each program ranges from 24 to 32 pages depending on the show. All pages are designed by me and reviewed by a copy editor. The Globe’s programs are printed in black and white which provides some challenges for making sure each page stands out on its own.

Native Gardens editorials.

Below is a list of programs to click through and see the full designs. This is just a sample of the programs I’ve worked on from the Globe.

Along with creating programs for each show, I also maintained the website, managed the Twitter and Instagram accounts, and send out email blasts.