The Old Globe

Programs and Playbills

At The Old Globe, I’ve created a Performances Magazine program for each performance we’ve had. With three theatres on the Globe’s campus and touring events, I’ve created over 75 programs and one-sheet handouts for audiences. Below is just a handful of of the programs I’m proud to have worked on and designed for The Old Globe.

Each program ranges from 24 to 32 pages depending on the show. All pages are designed by me and reviewed by a copy editor. The Globe’s programs are printed in black and white which provides some challenges for making sure each page stands out on its own.

Native Gardens editorials.

Below is a list of programs to click through and see the full designs. This is just a sample of the programs I’ve worked on from the Globe.

Website Design and Maintenance

I am also responsible for creating new pages and the maintenance of current pages on The Old Globe’s website. This ranges from ticket, philanthropy, and press pages: each designed to target a different audience member.

Social Media Management

I manage and create content for The Old Globe’s Instagram and Twitter platforms alongside the manager of the Globe’s Facebook account. I make sure each post is not only reflective of the Globe’s brand, but the platform it’s being posted on as well. I’ve doubled our Instagram following from around 4K followers to over 8.5K followers, with little promotion enhancement. Our Twitter account focuses mainly on industry news and press announcements. I’ve gained around 2,000 new followers on Twitter since I’ve been managing the platform, growing the engagement rates, click rates, likes, and replies each month.

Email Blast Spearhead

I deploy the weekly Marketing emails, promoting upcoming events, philanthropy opportunities, and productions. Each week the emails vary on content depending on events happening within the Globe. I design and write most of the copy for the emails with final approvals coming from the Director of Marketing and Communication and the Globe’s copy editor. I also spearheaded the Globe in successfully switching email platforms (from Mail2 to Wordfly) allowing for a more seamless integration of our other platforms. This allowed more employees access to the emails that were being communicated to our patrons.

Online Theatre Programs

During the COVID-19 pandemic, The Old Globe has had to take many of their programs online. We moved Arts Engagement community events to Facebook, created video series for all platforms, and even hosted a world premiere 10-minute play featuring Bill Irwin. I created the logo and worked with a team of our technical and production departments to deploy a live (not-recorded) video through our website, YouTube, and Vimeo platforms. Over the four days the video was live on our website after the final performance on YouTube and Vimeo it reached over 5,000 viewers. The video is now on YouTube and the Globe’s website and has reached a viewership of over 20,000. Below is the logo I created for this event.

A world-premiere 10-minute play
Created by Bill Irwin
Wednesday, May 13, 2020 and Thursday, May 14, 2020

Two comic minds convene a meeting on Zoom and surprise themselves as they look at our particular pandemic moment and the virtual way we’re living it. Two-time Tony Award winner Bill Irwin (Fool Moon, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?) and three time Tony Award nominee Christopher Fitzgerald (Broadway’s Waitress, Young Frankenstein, Wicked) delight in Irwin’s beguiling take on our new reality.