Hype Audio

Hype Audio is a branding and packaging design project I completed while I was at San Diego State University. In one of my final branding classes, we were tasked with creating a full branding system for a new product that was being worked on by other students in a developmental program. Each student created their own designs and the finals were chosen by the creators at the end.

Hype Audio is a headphone set that is meant to be bluetooth capable and allow for full use in the water. The creators wanted surfers to be able to listen to music while out in the ocean. Each student needed to create the same types of products for them to review. A stationery brand, website, and packing design.

The tagline “be the hype” was added to each of the products as a way to sell the brand before people knew what it was. It gave the brand a fun and casual feel while also playing off other athletic brands taglines as well.

After our presentations, the creators chose my website design as their favorite. It was never created from my end and it’s unclear on if the product went on to be manufactured. Another part of my pitch for this website, was I wanted the company to use popular surfers with strong social media presences to help them promote. I used this photo of Alana Blanchard as a way of showing that. The creators really liked the idea of using big name surfers as promoters, but also that I was thinking much farther into marketing than some of the other designers. It made them feel like I had a real investment into their brand.

The packaging design has the same black and white photos that the website and other stationery products have, with pops of the navy and teal. I named their first product “FREE” to represent the feeling most surfers have while out in the water.