The Old Globe’s Arts Engagement Programs Logos

The Arts Engagement Department at The Old Globe strengthens the connection with our neighbors, sharing with individuals and families a chance to experience theatre in many ways. They open new doors to creativity through theatre-based activities that encourage direct participation in art making, engaging our fellow San Diegans with every aspect of our institution. The arts engagement team is dedicated to making the Globe truly accessible through programs that are fun, participatory, innovative, and multigenerational.

Below is a list of logos that I created for the Arts Engagement department. With each logo we kept a consistent color base to create specific branding for their department.

Logo I created for the Arts Engagement department at The Old Globe.

Pam Farr Summer Shakespeare Studio

Pam Farr Summer Shakespeare Studio logos I created.
The logo is updated to reflect the new year.

Through a month-long process, high school students or recent graduates receive an intensive curriculum of acting, movement, music, and writing classes, as well as training in voice and speech, stage combat, and text. Master classes are offered with Globe artists and staff, many of whom are among the leaders in their fields. These instructors seek to deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare’s writing, and to use his work as a model for engaging the students with their own experiences. Studio also incorporates non-Shakespearean material, such as modern music, original texts, and the participants’ own freewrites, in which the group brainstorms topics essential to the story, then breaks out to discover different ways to express them.

Globe Learning Professional Development Logo

In order to broaden the reach and make theatre matter to more people, The Old Globe provides a quarterly series of professional development opportunities for the local theatre community of actors, directors, teaching artists and educators to connect them with visiting artists from the Globe’s artistic and production season, strengthen the community network of theatre makers and support and advance participant skills in theatre-making, engagement and performance.

Community Voices

Community Voice is a series of free workshops dedicated to the process of creating short plays by adult residents of San Diego County in and for their communities.

Much like the Studio logos, each version is to reflect a different background they might appear on.

Breaking Bread

Quarterly dinners hosted at the Globe, bringing together different facets of our community and creating an opportunity for authentic relationships