Talk about the ultimate female foodie. Kelsey is the KWEEN when it comes to San Diego’s food scene. Every once and a while I get to tag along and to say it’s a fun time is the most underrated statement of the year. Blonde+Butter is a raw look at real life. It’s embarrassing dating stories, diet struggles, working as a twenty-something, celebrity gossip, pop culture garbage, life inspiration, drunken messes and a shit ton of laughs. Therefore, her branding needed to reflect that.Something fun, edgy, and recognizable. Food blogs are a dime a dozen lately and I refused to let hers get buried. Below are branding images for Kelsey’s site that allow her to be the go-to food blogger.

Simsim, Mike’s Taco Club, and Kairoa Brewing Company.

Kelsey’s logo was designed to be one-of-a-kind. ‘Blonde’ is hand written and digitized. ‘Butter’ is a simple sans serif font to reinforce that Blonde+Butter is an account for the basic B in all of us.

Blonde+Butter demands something spunky and trendy, as evidence by Kelsey’s lively Instagram presence. Fun patterns based off simple shapes help keep her brand consistent and timeless.